What should I look for when buying a Steam Generator Iron?

Steam generator iron is an item that every family should have because ironing is necessary to make sure your clothes are flat. However, not many people have the right way to choose the steam generator iron, so your clothes can be damaged if you use an inappropriate steam generator iron.

In this article, we will guide you to identify the features that you need to consider when choosing steam generator iron.

A steam generator iron is designed with a large water tank, which continuously generates steam to moisten the laundry during ironing. This steam works to soften clothes prevent overheating and reduce ironing time. Steam generator irons are always preferred over traditional steam irons.

Some features that you need to consider when buying a steam generator iron

When buying a steam generator iron, you should consider the following components to evaluate the quality and suitability of it for your clothes.

1. Steam Measurement

Bars: To measure steam pressure, people use units of bars. To iron the wrinkles on your clothes, a steam generator iron must have a high steam pressure. A steam generator iron usually has a typical pressure range of 4-6 bars. The iron will have a great capacity when it has more than 6 bars.

Grams/ Minute: To measure the size of the steam output, it is calculated in grams per minute. When choosing to buy steam generator iron, you should choose irons that have high grams/ minute.

Some types of steam generator irons are designed with two different grams/ minutes. Some to measure the continual steam and some to evaluate the steam burst mode.

For rough fabrics that have lots of deep wrinkles, turn on the steam burst mode to create a steam stream that focuses on wrinkles, making ironing even faster.

2. Tank size

With steam irons, the amount of water that can be stored in a tank is always an important factor. The amount of water is usually measured in milliliters or liters. On the market, steam generator irons usually have tank sizes from 500 ml to 1.5 liters.

You should choose a steam generator irons that have large tanks. These irons contain more water, so you do not need to constantly add water. Some irons have a detachable tank, others can refill water even during ironing.

3. Material of soleplate

The soleplate is made of various sand materials. The difference in the material may result in the dissimilarity in the performance of irons. Therefore, when choosing a steam generator iron, you should choose a soleplate made from good material.

On the market, soleplates of steam generator irons are usually made from the following materials:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and heat distribution. However, if a soleplate that is made of aluminum is prone to scratches and is difficult to clean.
  • Stainless steel: This material is very indestructible and smooth. It is also a good thermal conductor but is as easily scratched as aluminum.
  • Ceramic: The advantage of this material is reinforced, good thermal conductivity, non-stick, and less prone to scratch.
  • Palladium: This is a non-stick material, durable, good sliding, and good heating value.

To overcome the scratches of these materials, in iron production, a special coating helps soleplate harder to scratch. Most of these materials are good, so you should choose steam generator irons made from these materials.

4. Additional features of steam generator iron

Also, when buying a steam generator iron, you should consider its additional features. Here are some common features:

  • Anti-drip: When steam rises from the vents, this feature helps block water droplets from dripping or overflowing from the vents.
  • Anti-scale: In the country always contains mineral deposits such as lime and calcium, so if the iron does not have an anti-scale feature, after a period of use, these minerals will accumulate and reduce the efficiency of iron.
  • De-scaling cleaning system: This is a self-cleaning feature. The iron will remove the debris periodically.
  • Auto-shutoff: If you are ironing but if you do not use it for 1 minute, it will automatically turn off for safety.
  • Wattage: High-powered irons are always recommended because using a high-power iron makes your ironing time shorter.
  • Vertical use: The irons feature a vertical use that allows you to use a steam hose to iron clothes or curtains.

5. Warranty and repair policies

When choosing a brand of steam generator iron, you should buy products that are warranted for 1-3 years. The warranty policy is considered as a guarantee of product quality.

Besides, the repair policy offered is also considered as a promise of the manufacturer if something happens to the iron. Therefore, after considering the design of the iron, the branding of the iron is also an important factor.

Wrapping up

We hope you learned how to choose a good steam generator iron after reading this article. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please leave comments below to let us know.

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